There are 3 easy ways to contact Blue Orange in order to report faults,

1. Visit our online support center at

2. Send an email to - automated ticketing system

3. If your issue is urgent, please call us on 01257 440 240 and Press 1 for Support.

When logging a call using any method, please try to have following to hand as it helps us help you faster.

1. Your Name

2. Establishment Name

3. Telephone number or best contact details

4. The nature of the issue and what you've done to try and fix it yourself (if indeed you have done so!). Please try to include the following pieces of information if at all possible:

a. The username of the person with the problem

b. The computer name/s of the affected computer/s

c. Is anyone else having the same issue?

That’s it! We'll do the rest for you.